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manuelantoniohotelsforsale.com: Privacy Policy

The Avendano Group website is owned and operated by manuelantoniohotelsforsale.com and is funded by advertising. Avendano Group maintains a clear separation between advertising content and editorial content on all of its healthcare websites.

All advertisements from external advertisers are clearly identified by the word advertisement.

Any sponsored content provided by external sponsors is identified by including the sponsorship details on the page.

Advertising policies and guidelines

manuelantoniohotelsforsale.com is not responsible for or guarantees the quality of the products or services advertised or that appear on this website.

Acceptance of an advertisement or sponsorship is not, under any circumstances, an endorsement or endorsement of the advertised or sponsored health care product or service.

Avendano Group does not own or have an interest in any of the companies that advertise or sponsor our site.

manuelantoniohotelsforsale.com websites will only carry advertising and sponsorship material that meets our high ethical and professional standards.

Ads must be accurate, truthful, and uphold high standards of health information and good practices.

No advertising associated with firearms, ammunition, pornography, tobacco, gambling, or alcohol will be posted on our site.

Advertisers must comply with the rules and regulations of the Advertising Standards Authority of our website.

manuelantoniohotelsforsale.com, owner of the Avendano Group website (blog), has the final decision as to which advertisements will be published on the site.

manuelantoniohotelsforsale.com reserves the right to reject or remove any advertising or sponsorship information without prior notice to the affected advertiser or sponsor. The advertiser will be informed and given the reasons for removal when such a decision is made.


If you have any queries in relation to processing of your personal data please contact us at [email protected]


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